More Flexibility With Unsecured Lines of Credit

If your business has a good credit history and profitability, we can help you gain access to unsecured business lines of credit. At Andij Capital Consulting, we create credit lines that require no collateral depending on your profitability. With increased spending limits, you can cover more operating expenses and refinance your debt.

Help for Startups

New businesses don’t always have enough established revenue to access traditional credit lines. However, we can provide credit lines based on the owner’s personal credit history, securing lines as high as $25,000 to $50,000 for startup companies.

Expanding Existing Credit Lines

When traditional lenders cannot extend enough credit to fund your expansion, let us help. Based on your established revenues, we can offer credit lines as high as $500,000 for businesses that bring in between $1-10 million per year.

  • No collateral required with good financial standing
  • Optimal rates (no subprime loans)
  • 0% introductory interest for business credit cards

At Andij Capital Consulting, we offer fast approval and prequalification. To find out if you qualify for unsecured business lines of credit, fill out an application today. Once we’ve run a credit check, our financial experts will contact you about all your options. Let us help you increase your spending power and build your business from the bottom up.