Accepting Referrals and Consultation Opportunities

Through our Referral and Broker Program at Andij Capital Consulting, we welcome applications for any and all referrals. We work with a variety of brokers and consultants achieve the financing opportunities their clients need. As with our own clients, we aim to maintain long-lasting relationships with our referral brokers.

In a testament to customer loyalty, for every client we retain, we refer one back to you. We also offer broker protection, including prompt payments and fee disclosure. When you refer to Andij Capital Consulting, we provide a favorable commission to encourage continuing referrals. With our combined resources, let us build better solutions for our clients.

We also work with vendors and brokerages looking to expand their resources. Contact us to preview or submit a transaction to see if we would be a good fit for your clients.

Join Our Brokerage Team

At Andij Capital Consulting, we are always looking for talent sales brokers to join our team. Take steps to furthering your career and work with a one of a kind firm. In addition to an exciting environment filled with opportunity, you also find a variety of advantages working with us.

  • Work remotely from anywhere
  • Connect with skilled professionals and experts in financing
  • Access a network of diverse lending opportunities and resources
  • Provide better service and lending options to your clients

Our salespeople are motivated and organized. They build lasting relationships with their clients, understand their needs and work diligently to achieve the desired results. Backed with our extensive product portfolio and financial supporters, you can serve your clients better than you ever have before.

Get in Touch Today

Interested in the Referral and Broker Program at Andij Capital Consulting? Contact us for more information about sales team opportunities at our firm. If you want to know about our referral program, call one of our finance consultants today. We look forward to working with you.