Keep Your Company Up-to-Date By Applying for Equipment Financing

From computers to heavy machinery, nearly every business in every industry relies on equipment to ensure its success. Andij Capital Consulting understands that purchasing equipment outright can become quite expensive, especially for startups and small businesses, which is why we provide convenient equipment financing options.

Benefits of Financing

While it’s true that many business owners turn to equipment leasing to avoid large one-time payments and free up working capital for other company needs, financing provides two other major benefits as well.

  • Tax Advantages – The IRS allows many businesses to claim the payments they make on equipment leasing. This means you’ll see larger deductions each April while you’re in an active lease.
  • Updated Equipment – One problem many businesses run into is the inability to afford updated equipment. Leasing circumvents this problem since equipment will receive automatic maintenance, repairs and upgrades for the duration of your lease.

Special Programs

In addition to basic equipment financing, Andij Capital Consulting offers other options. Do you already own your equipment but find yourself in need of more working capital? Our sales and leaseback program allows you to “sell” your equipment to us to get the cash you need. You then lease it back from us so that you can continue operations, and we’ll transfer ownership back to you at the end of the lease.

We also provide a guaranteed-approval program for municipal and government entities. This includes federal government agencies, police departments, firehouses, libraries, public schools and many more.

What To Expect

Once you complete your application, we typically review and approve it within 24 hours. Upon approval, most businesses receive their funding within one week. We offer little to no down payment, a range of payment options, and low interest rates with terms of up to 84 months.

Apply Now

Keep your business thriving with updated, low-cost equipment. Contact a finance professional at Andij Capital Consulting to learn more.