3 Ways to Support Veterans Turned Entrepreneurs

A veteran turned entrepreneur brings a significant amount of discipline and motivation to the table, all things that will add to his or her success out of the military. You may be surprised when you realize how many retired military personnel want to continue making America a better place after leaving the service. If you are interested in finding a few ways to support veterans using their experience to open businesses, keep reading.

1. Shop Local

You are more likely to stumble upon veteran-owned businesses when you shop locally, where smaller businesses thrive. Suppose you are unsure of what mom-and-pop type shops that are owned by veteran entrepreneurs. Do some research to see if any options pique your interest. Showing up and giving your business to veterans is the single best way you can support their mission. Not only are you keeping their dreams afloat when you shop locally, but you are also putting food on their table and helping support their families who have also sacrificed. Shopping local doesn’t always equate to finding a place nearby. The more important aspect is finding a site owned by an individual who is apart of a community compared to a big-box store. You can support veterans from home, work, and from your favorite vacation spots. All you have to do is ask around for the best options.

2. Donate

Most places of business give you the option to donate money to support their cause further than purchasing their products. In this case, contributing to your local veterans is a meaningful gesture to show your appreciation of their sacrifice. Stay informed of charities and other organizations that have events to offer support to veterans. Donations do not always have to be about money. The gift of your time can be just as powerful.

3. Share

Once you have found a veteran-owned business you love, be sure you are spreading that love by sharing it with others. Word of mouth is an excellent means to do so, but you can also write reviews online and post recommendations to your social media pages. Another beneficial tool in showing veterans you care is by getting your acquaintances on board.

Veterans have put their life on the line for you, and the best strategy to return that favor is by supporting these heroes once they are out of the military. The tips above can get you started, but the options are endless.


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